Workout Session – part 2

Read part 1 here. The touch of our lips is unlike anything I have ever felt before. All the anticipation towards this moment has made it that much more special. And the energy running through my body is untameable. While our lips and tongues are in a beautiful dance, I can hardly help my hands […]

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The Cabin in the Woods

I always connected with you like with no other. Every date we went on, every phone call and every message we sent. We understood each other. That day, you would be mine again. And not just that night. We’d have an entire week together. I’d pick you up in a few hours and then we […]

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Steamy Shower

I slowly open my eyes. I become aware of my surroundings and notice you laying next to me. The bright sunlight that enters through the window makes parts of your body look like liquid gold. Your hair partially covers your shoulders, your face is turned towards me and you’re laying on your belly. You look beautiful as ever. […]

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Workout Session

I took my last sip of coffee as I was gathering my workout gear. Shorts, a t-shirt, sneakers, a towel and a lot of water. I had everything packed and still had five minutes to go before I needed to leave. I used to lack a certain motivation to keep going to the gym regularly, […]

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A surprise visit.

I arrive at your place, the front door is wide open. I decide I want to surprise you and don’t ring the bell. I enter and I feel my heartbeat going faster. I was so curious how you’d be in real life.

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